SSAI Membership Benefits

Q:   Why should I belong to SSAI?

  SSAI was developed to help members…

  • Network with each other
  • Learn from each other
  • Share with each other
  • Secure new bookings
  • Attain wider professional exposure

Q:   I am an already established sword swallower, and already know many of the other sword swallowers. What do I get out of SSAI that I don't already have? What will SSAI do for ME?

  • SSAI is set up to be an advocate for sword swallowers worldwide
  • SSAI is set up to help you meet and network with other sword swallowers so you can learn from each other and encourage the creative process.
  • SSAI strives to set high standards for the art of sword swallowing and elevate it from being perceived as a cheap "trick" to a high-value performance art
  • SSAI is dedicated to researching historical archives for information on sword swallowers of the past
  • SSAI continues to search for information on present sword swallowers
  • SSAI will keep you abreast of the latest news, records, innovations, performances, appearances, gigs, vendors, booking opportunities, and resources such as articles, books and videos, etc.

Q:   How much will it cost me to join SSAI?

  • $25/year* (that's only $2.08/month!)

    *SSAI was not designed to be a revenue-generating organization. However, there are significant costs associated with establishing and running the organization, maintaining the website and databases, as well as providing membership benefits. The annual dues merely helps offset a small portion of the operating expenses.

Q:   What do I get for my membership fee?

  • 1 year membership to SSAI
  • Booking opportunities through SSAI's online booking referral service
  • The legitimacy that comes from being an official member of the world's only sword swallowing organization, which can help translate to higher booking rates
  • The right to use the SSAI logo on your website, business cards and publicity (AFTER you are accepted and approved an official SSAI member)
  • Links to your site through SSAI links and member listings
  • Opportunities to network with other SSAI sword swallowers through the SSAI Sword Swallower's Discussion List, Twitter, and through group links at Facebook and Linked-In.
  • Opportunities to participate in and derive media/press publicity from SSAI's World Sword Swallower's Day
  • SSAI member discounts on products, conventions and events when applicable
  • The networking, support, dedication and backing of SSAI and your fellow SSAI members

Q:   What can I do to help SSAI?

  • Contribute suggestions for what we can all do to improve and elevate the art of swordswallowing
  • Help us strive to set high value standards and competitive rates
  • Network with each other and share what you have learned
  • Add links on your site pointing to and
  • Volunteer to become an SSAI Regional Rep or part of the SSAI Advisory Board and help us come up with ways to promote sword swallowing to the media and the general public
  • Help promote annual World Sword Swallower's Day the last Saturday of each February by submitting SSAI press releases to your local, regional and national media, by requesting your local and regional government to proclaim the day a holiday, and by performing sword swallowing demonstrations at your local Ripley's Believe It or Not museum or for medical and educational facilities and the media to help SSAI promote the art of sword swallowing in general and yourself in particular
  • Offer your skills by speaking and performing on behalf of SSAI at SSAI Sword Swallowers Conventions

Q:   What are the requirements to join SSAI?

Sword Swallowers Association International official requirements

In order to become officially recognized and endorsed as an official sword swallower member of SSAI, a candidate must be at least 18 years of age and prove him/herself able to swallow a solid steel sword blade at least 16 inches in length and at least 1/2 inch in width under the following requirements:
Swords:   Each sword must be available for inspection by officials and witnesses
Blades:   Each sword must be non-retractable with non-collapsible solid steel blade
Length:   Each blade must be at least 16 inches (38 cm) in length
Width:   Each blade must be at least 1/2 inch (2 cm) wide in width
Age:   Applicant must be at least 18 years of age, or must have permission from a parent or legal guardian

In able to join to SSAI, you must first be verified as a confirmed sword swallower. If you are not already on our list of known sword swallowers, you must contact us and show proof that you are a serious sword swallower, either in the form of a website or photo of you swallowing swords, or a recommendation from a current SSAI member or other recognized sword swallower.

To submit details of your history as a sword swallower, please complete the medical survey on our sword swallower's survey page.

Q:   How do I join?

To be accepted as an official vetted member of SSAI, you must first be able to prove verification through photographs, video, and/or written testimony from another validated SSAI sword swallower that you are able to successfully meet the above requirements before your SSAI Membership Application and dues will be accepted.

The next step is for you to complete the sword swallower medical survey to detail your history of sword swallowing.

Once you have submitted the sword swallower medical survey and been confirmed and verified by either photos or videos of you swallowing a sword or verification by a current SSAI member or another SSAI recognized sword swallower, you can apply for membership in SSAI by completing SSAI Membership Application and paying your dues via PayPal.

Make a donation via PayPal:

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